Quick Bit – I Am Bread | PC Gameplay & First Impressions

Sauce: thekillerbits

Peter doughs all he can to break the crust of the latest game from Bossa Studios. I Am Bread kneads to be seen to be believed; the strangest, weirdest concept since the likes of Goat, Rock, and Bear Simulator, is this game the toast of the genre, or is it not quite a wholemeal?

Following on from their phenomenally successful Surgeon Simulator, Bossa Studios have us going on an epic and emotional journey as a slice of bread looking to fufill it’s life goal of becoming toasted. With simple yet frustrating QWOP-like controls and a vast physics playground to explore & destroy I Am Bread will definitely have you chuckling to yourself as flip, grip and hurl yourself around.

I Am Bread is currently in Early Access. If you would like more information about the game visit –http://www.iambreadgame.com/