OMNIA – Unplugged

Sauce: World of OMNIA

Recorded live october 2014 at Dreamharps in Holland

this very intimate (unplugged and fully acoustic) OMNIA show was to celebrate the 80th birthday of Hans (Jenny’s father), whom you see sitting on the far right of the screen in some shots next to his wife Ans (Jenny’s mum)

The language you sometimes hear being spoken is Dutch
(apart from the bits in english ofcourse)
It’s recorded live in front of a tiny audience made up of family and friends of ours.

This is real Musick, these are real instruments ,these are Real People…
this is as real as it gets…

Omnia unplugged for Hans… now shared with YOU!
welcome to our world :­)


-Alive! 0:14
-FairyTale 5:46
-­Old Man Tree 11:13
-Noodle the Poodle 16:20
-­En Avant Blonde/Etrezomp-­Ni Kelted 20:05

on all songs words and music written by: SteveSic and Jenny Evans van der Harten

©2015 Omnia music/Paganscum records