Sauce: Eve & Melanie

LOOPER is a video clip made by Eve Deroeck and Melanie Tourneur based on a song by Témé Tan.

GET IN TOUCH : [email protected]

Melanie : vimeo.com/user12837644 / melanietourneur.blogspot.be/
Eve vimeo.com/evederoeck / evederoeck.blogspot.be/
Témé Tan : facebook.com/temetan.page

FIND THE SONG HERE: teme-tan.bandcamp.com/track/looper-2

We would like to thank all the people who helped us with the project, investing time and efforts :
Lora D’addazio : vimeo.com/76040556
Nicolas Fong : vimeo.com/fongnicolas
Manon Brulé : vimeo.com/manonbrule
Jeanne Boukraa :vimeo.com/jeanneboukraa

And also : Gwendoline Gamboa, Mathilde Remy, Camille Amoroux, Ruben Broucke,
Aliouch Conchin, l’Abbaye de Fontevraud, our families and friends.