ELVIS – New Year’s Riga Jump 2015!

Sauce: LVIS & friends

Flying Elvis greets everyone in the New Year!

For the coming New Year ELVIS & friends wish you courage to fulfill your dreams and to become the King of your Life!

Anonymous authors of the greeting aim to cheer up people with a joyful b.a.s.e. jump and special wish for the upcoming year. New Year’s b.a.s.e. jump took a place in Riga (the capital of Latvia) and was a surprise both for local inhabitants and security of the building.

The jump was performed from locally well known high-rise building – Press House, which is located in opposite to the Riga Castle, official residence of the President of Latvia. Currently uninhabited Press House was built in 1978. Today the building symbolizes experience of Soviet times, but view over the city from the very top of it reveals how much is achieved since the independence of Latvia.

This was the third New Year’s b.a.s.e jump in Riga. All jumps made by ELVIS & friends are carefully planned not to harm any person or property.

Courage, luck and happiness to all of us in 2015!

ELVIS & friends